Capoeira Camará

Capoeira Camará is a capoeira group founded by Mestre Bola in 2005. Capoeira Camará follows the “Contemporânea” (or contemporary) style of capoeira. Contemporânea is a term for groups that train multiple styles of capoeira simultaneously. Very often students of Capoeira Contemporânea train elements of Regional and Angola as well as newer movements such as the emerging game of Benguela, that would not fall under either of those styles. This sub-style is seen by some as the natural evolution of Capoeira.

Camará is the Brazilian word for “Comrade” and here at Capoeira Camará, we believe that this is the the most important aspect of this art. Capoeira Camará is a group that promotes sharing the rich history, music and culture of this beautiful art. We believe that although you learn capoeira in the classroom, you really gain a thorough understanding of the this art form when you play capoeira outside of the classroom and with other groups. Hence, we often hold events where we invite other capoeira groups and push our students to attend events outside of our group and worldwide. Students have traveled to train or take capoeira workshops in Brazil, NYC, California, Bermuda, Brussels, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore…to name a few.

Capoeira Camará is growing daily and has many groups nationally and worldwide in such places as Toronto (Capoeira Camará headquarters), Brampton, Gaspésie (Quebec), Calgary, Vancouver, Bermuda, Ireland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Russia and the Ukraine.