Class Descriptions

Introductory & Beginner Level 1 & 2 Classes (New students up to 3 years of experience)


For beginners it is highly recommended that you watch a class before you begin to train. Once you are ready to try a class, each beginner term begins on the FIRST THURSDAY OF JANUARY, MARCH, MAY, JULY, SEPTEMBER & NOVEMBER between 8:30 – 10:00 pm.


These classes are VERY basic and NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY for these classes. We will begin by showing you the basics of the art form (music, history, acrobatic, language,  game) and begin to work on your strength and flexibility. After completing 2 months of beginner introductory classes, you can then move up to the Level 1 & 2 Classes which offers an additional day on Tuesdays.


Please wear comfortable clothing (clothing which you would wear to a gym) as you WILL sweat! After two months, beginners are required to purchase uniforms (shirt and pants).


*** NOTE: In order to ensure the best teaching environment, space is limited for Beginner classes. Please sign up as soon as possible to reserve your spot!





Intermediate & Advanced Classes (3+ years of experience)


These classes are more rigorous and you will really begin your journey into the art of capoeira. These classes will really begin to push you physically and mentally as you gain a deeper understanding of the art (music, history, acrobatic, language,  game) and as you prepare for the action of the capoeira roda. You will begin to advance through the capoeira belt (cordão) ranking system through participation in various events.


*** NOTE: In order to ensure the best teaching environment, space is limited. Please sign up as soon as possible to reserve your spot!


Next Session: SIGN UP ANYTIME (limited space)

Kids Classes (5 to 13 years old)


Practicing Capoeira is becoming very popular for kids from all over the world, being equally popular by boys and girls. The dynamic movements of the classes helps to develop agility, strength, flexibility, coordination, mutual respect and self esteem. Kids’ Capoeira classes are taught using games and exercises emphasizing music and acrobatics—working both physical coordination and mental abilities. Classes cover basic capoeira techniques, rhythms, instruments, and songs in Portuguese. Classes are open to all levels. New youth students are welcome to start at any time.


*** NOTE: In order to ensure the best teaching environment, space is limited. Please sign up as soon as possible to reserve your spot!


Next Session: SIGN UP ANYTIME (limited space), 2, 3 & 4 months of classes


Some things you should remember before coming to class:

(reproduced from Mestre Boneco’s website)


Discipline – Be disciplined in your attitude to training and to learning all aspects of Capoeira.

Attitude – One aim of this group is to make all newcomers welcome and to treat all students and Instructors with respect. It is important that the group provides support for each other, both socially and within the game of Capoeira.

Consistency – To attend classes on a regular basis. Please contact Professor Saci if you are unable to make classes. Once you have decided to commence your training with the group it is preferred if you don’t train on a regular basis with other groups. This will prevent the styles becoming confused and confusion within class.

Hygiene – When playing Capoeira you will be in close contact with other people and it’s a hot and sweaty game. Try where possible to keep your clothes washed and clean.

Unity – A group is only as strong as its individuals. Make new friends and enjoy the group spirit!

Uniform – White pants are called “abadas” which means uniform in Portuguese. Your abadas, cord and a Capoeira Camará t-shirt are your uniform. Training pants and colourful Capoeira Camará t-shirts and singlets are acceptable to wear in class, but for special occasions, performances, demonstrations and Batizados you should always wear your uniform.

– Wear Comfortable clothing (clothing which you would wear to a gym)

– Most students train in bare feet but if you choose to wear trainers please make sure they are light and low soles.

– Bring your own water or Gatorade.

– Arrive 10 mins before the class commences.

– Every time you attend your class please sign in.

– Any questions during class feel free to ask.

If you have any questions regarding any of the classes, please do not hesitate to contact us.