COVID-19 Policies

Covid-19 Pandemic Response

Capoeira Camará Toronto is committed to providing a clean and safe space as the city of Toronto re-opens, complying with all government standards and doing all we can to facilitate the safety of everyone that walks through our doors. To prepare for a controlled environment we have engaged a COVID Pandemic response that will help direct the flow of people in a physically distanced manner and disinfect high traffic areas regularly. We encourage all that participants within the facility to use their bathroom at home before attending classes.

Procedures and Scheduling Adjustments

  1. Prescreening:

    1. We ask for verbal and online confirmation on arrival each day, that there have been no changes to health or any concerns.

    2. We examine students, clients, faculty members and staff overall health upon entering and take temperatures.

  2. Entering and Exiting:

    1. Masks or face shields must be worn if age appropriate in all lobby areas.

    2. Mask or face shields must be worn at all times for adults including in the studio. Our policy for children wearing masks while in the studios is TBD at this time.

    3. Anyone entering the space must sanitize their hands.

    4. Anyone changing between studios or relocating spaces must sanitize their hands.

    5. Students / clients will only be permitted into the facility 10 minutes before a designated class start time.

    6. We ask that families with younger children wait together in cars or outside the studio space up to 5 minutes before the class time.

    7. All street shoes should be removed and placed in the designated area upon entering the space.

    8. We request that no additional family members or caregivers enter the space unless absolutely necessary.

    9. Students under 18 MUST be picked up no later than 10 minutes after their scheduled end time to avoid over crowded halls.

    10. Everyone who enters the space must leave promptly after their classes are complete.

    11. We require all students / clients to bring their own water bottles.

    12. We only permit water bottles, PPE, dance shoes, light snacks  to accompany participants, and small bags for ID, Keys and Cell Phones. Any additional items should not be brought to the facility.

  3. Class Scheduling:

    1. Our schedule has been designed to reduce the number of people in the common spaces and hallways at the same time.

  4. Class Sizes:

    1. Class sizes will be reduced to accommodate safe distancing.

    2. Younger classes will have an assistant to supervise social distancing and to support young children who require additional comfort leaving their parents.

  5. Generally Safety:

    1. Students, clients, faculty members and/or staff who arrive for classes and are deemed unfit to enter the facility due to health reasons will be asked to leave immediately.

      1. If this instance occurs for drop-in clients, they will be fully credited, overriding the late cancellation policy.

      2. All students / clients who are sent home will receive a link to online content as a way to engage in their beloved activities from home.

    2. If required we will gather your contact information to contact trace.

    3. We will provide guidance with arrows for direction, dots for waiting and personal squares taped off in the studio spaces for classes.

    4. Signage will remind students, clients, faculty members and staff:

      1. To sanitize hands on arrival

      2. To cough or sneeze into elbows

      3. To social distancing at all times

      4. To wear masks if age appropriate

      5. To minimize use of any shared space such as the bathroom and kitchen.

    5. Students, clients, faculty members and staff will not be permitted to walk around while eating or drinking.

    6. As mentioned in the ongoing Code of Conduct, all students / clients must respect the space to keep themselves and others safe. All physical contact is banned between students and/or teachers.

    7. There will be no tolerance for any student / client deliberately coughing or sneezing.

    8. The facility will be as paperless as possible and will remove items within the studios to reduce sharing, contamination or the spread of disease.

    9. Staff, faculty and their assistants will open and close all doors.

    10. All windows will be left open to maintain air flow, weather permitting.

    11. Class supplies will not be shared within the same class and if sharing is necessary between two separate classes will be full sanitized via soapy water, sanitizer and dry clothes in between use.

    12. Acrobatic & classes will use individual mats and the floor instead of long, group mats.

    13. All equipment must be disinfected prior and after use.

Self Isolating

We require any students, clients, faculty and/or staff that have any suspected health issues stay home. All persons that experience symptoms or are knowingly exposed to the Corona virus are to isolate and inform the class instructor as soon as possible. We also require any student, client, faculty member or staff who gets tested for COVID-19 inform the TRAC admin team immediately. We will require those tested for COVID-19 provide proof of a Toronto Public Health record stating a negative medical result and release before allowing such person to return to in-person classes.